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#029: Sherif Marakby, President & CEO, Ford Autonomous Vehicles LLC

November 21, 2018

After more than a century of building "traditional" automobiles, Ford Motor Company is now exploring new forms of mobility including autonomous vehicles, e-scooters, and bikes. On December 14th, Greg Rogers ("SAFE Greg") went down to Miami to ride in the AVs being developed by Ford and Argo AI, and to learn about Ford's strategy for deploying autonomous vehicles.

In this episode, SAFE Greg chats with Sherif Marakby, President & CEO of Ford Autonomous Vehicles LLC, about Ford's AV pilots in Miami and DC, as well as how Ford is attempting to build a business case for AVs ahead of time.

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#028: Shailen Bhatt, ITS America

November 5, 2018

What is ITS today? In this episode we sat down with Shailen Bhatt, President and CEO of ITS America, to discuss connected vehicles, public/private collaboration on lifesaving technology, and issues pertaining to state/local transportation technologies.

Guest: Shailen Bhatt, President and CEO, ITS America

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#027 - Hilary Cain, Director of Technology and Innovation Policy, Toyota

October 26, 2018

This week Pete and SAFE Greg were joined by Hilary Cain from Toyota to discuss AV 3.0 and AV START, as well as Toyota’s development of two automation systems for its vehicles: Guardian and Chauffeur.

We realize that no one has all of the answers about AVs, but we did find the answer to one equally important question: which Frozen character will Pete be for Halloween?

Guest: Hilary Cain, Director of Technology and Innovation Policy, Toyota

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#026 - Understanding USDOT AV 3.0 & An AV START Update

October 14, 2018

On October 4, the U.S. Department of Transportation released the third iteration of the federal government’s regulatory guidance for automated vehicles, titled AV 3.0. The two Gregs and Pete dive into how Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao’s mission of having “One USDOT” approach to automation policies in transportation will impact the growth of autonomous TNC services, autonomous trucking, and other emerging technologies.


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#025: AV Road Rules with Avery Ash, INRIX

August 26, 2018

Earlier this summer, INRIX released an exciting new platform that helps cities and AV manufacturers prepare for an autonomous future together. Avery Ash of INRIX recently joined SAFE Greg, BB&K Greg, and Pete to discuss how the AV Road Rules Platform can help to improve AV safety through an innovative approach to public-private collaboration.

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To learn more about AV Road Rules:


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#024: Emerging Railroad Tech with Mike Rush and Ted Greener, Association of American Railroads (AAR)

July 30, 2018

Much like the rest of the transportation sector, the American railroad industry is adopting cutting-edge connectivity, automation, and data analytics technologies to improve safety and efficiency. Mike Rush and Ted Greener from the Association of American Railroads (AAR) join SAFE Greg, BB&K Greg, and Pete for a discussion of emerging rail technologies, the immense challenge of implementing positive train control (PTC) across multiple jurisdictions and companies, and the role of the freight industry in the future global economy.

Check out AAR's latest report on freight rail technology on their website: 

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#023: Tanya Snyder, Transportation Reporter, POLITICO Pro

July 23, 2018

Tonight we spoke with our good friend Tanya Snyder, a Transportation Reporter at POLITICO Pro, about the state of the Senate's FAA Reauthorization bill, the future of infrastructure funding, cargo bikes(!!!), and whether Shark Week is better than Infrastructure Week.

You can follow Tanya's work on Twitter @TSnyderDC and by subscribing to POLITICO Morning Transportation.


#022: The Eternal Rush Hour - Crossover with Jeff Wood, Talking Headways Podcast/The Overhead Wire

July 12, 2018

What does the future of mobility really look like? Is it an eternal rush hour caused by the "Hell" scenario for AVs? Or is it two transportation wonks eating a lot of poutine in Montreal? In our first-ever crossover episode, Greg Rogers catches up with Jeff Wood, the one-man army behind The Overhead Wire and Talking Headways Podcast. Greg and Jeff review Michelin's 2018 Movin'On Conference in Montreal, discuss the state of AV legislation in Congress, and SAFE Greg makes $2 million.

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#021: Ian Adams and Caleb Watney, R Street Institute

June 23, 2018

Better late than never! On May 23rd, SAFE Greg and BB&K Greg sat down with Ian Adams and Caleb Watney from R Street Institute to discuss the variety of AV policies that states are experimenting with and Ian's appearance at a House Financial Services Committee hearing on AVs and the insurance industry - and then went a little off the rails while mixing metaphors after hours.

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#020 - AV Soul Searching- Uber, Tempe, and Driverless Regs in CA

April 2, 2018

Following the tragic death of Elaine Herzberg last month in a collision involving a self-driving Uber, the transportation community is soul-searching about the future of AVs and traffic safety. BB&K Greg, Pete, and SAFE Greg discuss the latest on AV START and compare the Arizona and California AV regulations.

**Additional References**

Docket (Mentioned by BB&K Greg): NHTSA-2018-0009



#019 - Randy Iwasaki, Contra Costa Transportation Authority

March 11, 2018

The nation’s first driverless shuttle pilot program started in California earlier this week, thanks to the efforts of Contra Costa Transportation Authority (CCTA).

At the 2018 TRB Annual Meeting we spoke with Randy Iwasaki, Executive Director of Contra Costa Transportation Authority, and Tim Haile and Linsey Willis from his team. Randy is the visionary behind GoMentum Station, a designated USDOT AV Proving Ground that has become a testbed for numerous AV developers.

And keep up with Randy and CCTA/GoMentum Station on Twitter:



#018 - Robin Chase - Shared Mobility Principles (Live @ Urbanism Next)

March 6, 2018

"Infrastructure is destiny,” says Robin Chase, the co-founder of Zipcar, Veniam, and We sat down with Robin at the Urbanism Next conference to discuss her work in drafting the Shared Mobility Principles for Livable Cities, the dire need to take action on climate change, and — of course — a good joke.

Keep up with Robin’s work by following her on Twitter @RMChase, and read about the Shared Mobility Principles at



#017 - Dr. Susan Shaheen, UC Berkeley (Live @ Urbanism Next)

March 5, 2018

Dr. Susan Shaheen from UC Berkeley is the leading academic in shared mobility. For two decades she has been at the bleeding edge of research in this field and was a driving force behind the convergence of transportation and technology during this time.

We were thrilled to have Dr. Shaheen join us at Urbanism Next to discuss her latest report, Travel Behavior: Shared Mobility and Transportation Equity, which outlines a framework for ensuring that nobody is left behind amid all of the hype surrounding new mobility.

Read Dr. Shaheen's latest report here:…equity_final.pdf

And follow her on Twitter @SusanShaheen1 to keep up with her work.



#016 - Urbanism Next Sneak Peek with Nico Larco and Becky Steckler, Univ. of Oregon

March 5, 2018

This week we're at Urbanism Next, a conference hosted by the University of Oregon that aspires to break the mold of transportation conferences, which are often filled with people from industry, the public sector, or academia - but rarely all three.

We sat down with the event's co-organizers, Nico Larco and Becky Steckler from the University of Oregon, ahead of the conference to get a sneak peek into what will be discussed across the next few days.

Keep up with Urbanism Next on Twitter throughout the week with #UrbNext2018 and follow @UrbanismNext and @NicoLarco on Twitter.

Stay tuned for our interviews with leaders in the field across the next couple days.


#015 - Todd O'Boyle, LimeBike

February 26, 2018 (Posted March 5, 2018) 

We recently sat down with Todd O’Boyle, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Limebike, to discuss the emergence of dockless bikeshare, shared electric scooters, and the policy challenges they are both confronting. 

Keep up with Todd's work by following him on Twitter @ ttoboyle.


#014: SOTU - State of Transportation and Urbanism 2018

January 29, 2018

Ahead of Trump's State of the Union Address tomorrow, Gregs Rodriguez and Rogers got together to provide their own SOTU - the State of Transportation and Urbanism.

It's packed with all the goodies of 2018: autonomous vehicles, electric vehicles, automated buses, TRB vs. CES, and the "Hunger Games" that might be created by Trump's $1T infrastructure bill.

#013: Laura Bliss, CityLab (Live from TRB)

January 12, 2018

Is Columbus living up to the equity promises made in its winning application for the USDOT Smart City Challenge? Why don't trains in the NYC subway arrive on time? And why on earth would people graffiti bar bathrooms in favor of congestion pricing?

BB&K Greg, Eno Greg, and Pete speak with Laura Bliss, a staff writer at CityLab, about all of these pressing questions and more.

Follow Laura Bliss on Twitter @MsLauraBliss and find her latest articles at

Recorded at the 2018 Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting.

#012: Austin Brown, UC Davis Policy Institute (Live from TRB)

January 12, 2018

Dr. Austin Brown joins the two Gregs and Pete to discuss his work on the 3 Revolutions Future Mobility Program, which researches the convergence of vehicle sharing, electrification, and automation. As the Executive Director for the UC Davis Policy Institute for Energy, Environment, and the Economy, Brown and his colleagues work to bridge the gap between scientific researchers and decision-makers.

3 Revolutions website:
Twitter: @DokEnergy

#011: Nico Larco, University of Oregon (Live from TRB)

January 11, 2018

When we adopt new and innovative approaches to mobility, Nico Larco says we should pull back the curtain first. As the Co-Director of the Sustainable Cities Initiative at the University of Oregon, Larco helps public and private entities understand the potential impacts of autonomous vehicles, electric vehicles, and ecommerce on cities.

In this wide-ranging discussion, Larco describes how he evaluates these technologies as transportation issues in order to understand their secondary impacts on health, livability, and housing.

#010: Dispatch from Transportation Prom - Transportation Research Board (TRB) Annual Meeting 2018

January 10, 2018

Coming to you live from the Transportation Research Board (TRB) Annual Meeting 2018, the Mobility Podcast crew discusses new trends emerging at TRB this year and reveals the guest interviews that we'll be publishing throughout the week.

#009: Interview with Jessica Nigro, Daimler North America

December 20, 2017

Jessica Nigro, Manager of Outreach & Innovation Policy at Daimler North America, joined the two Gregs and Pete for a light-hearted yet wide-ranging discussion of automated vehicle policy, Daimler's mobility platforms (Moovel and Car2Go), and one burning question: what is supertruck?